Hybrid cloud

Public, private cloud solution

Available on

  • AWS

  • Google

  • MS Azure

  • DigitalOcean

  • Packet

Supported On-Premise solutions

One simple workflow across providers

Organizations can manage, deliver, and govern their cloud services, using a single tool.

No need to use multiple solutions, our enterprise grade protal integrates monitoring, infrastructure as code, platform as a services and container technologies.

Tired to change automation technology?

Our technology provides you with all your automation needs.
Focus on your business while we care about your IT infrastructure and automation.

Routing services

Automated creation of loadbalancers, DNS entries. Try our live cloud provider migration without interruption of services and highly available implementation.

Role-based Access Controls

Manage access privileges and responsabilities from one control panel. Simplify your employees and customers interractions with their cloud needs.

Orchestration and Delivery

Automate, configure, provision and orchestrate cloud resources, accelerate service delivery for complex IT tasks.


Need a Database solution that is cost efficient? Our database can be turned off at anytime to save costs unlike other solutions provided by the various cloud providers. Also, our product allows your database to be migrated to another cloud provider based on your requirements.

Recent posts

  09 February 2016  


DigitalOcean is a simple and cost effective development environment. They offers SSD drives on all virtual machines for only 5$ per months. With the use of our cloud portal, you can effectively spawn new Virtual Machines

  09 February 2016  

Stack -> Create Ghost Stack

Ghost is an simple and open source publishing platform. It is easy to use, and free for everyone. Since this platform is simple to use, it is easy to automate this stack that works on most

  09 February 2016  

Build a Script

Scripts and Stacks have metadata parameters. These can be used to request values from the end-user on the Web Portal. Here is a Script skeleton: MetaData Parameter Required Description Example Name Y Unique name without spaces